Foleum - Mining for the Masses, Simplified

Did you know cryptocurrency networks can consume more electricity than entire countries do? And that power usually comes from coal and diesel, making a huge impact on the environment. Foleum wants to change that.

Client: Foleum
Creative Direction: Laserbee
Animation and Design: Rodrigo Domínguez
Made for Hypercube Studio -
Foleum is a blockchain mining project that can generate its own power using green hybrid technologies. The project makes it possible for individuals to take part in green blockchain mining.

And I was contacted to help tell the world about the project in 90 seconds.

Branding assets and a script were provided.
Showing how huge the problem is, and comparing the old and the new way of harnessing power was the most important task to understand how Foleum works and its value.

Grids full of computers and coins were essential to show the scale of the problem and how normal people don't have access to blockchain mining. Making it clear how energy is used was a great way to show the huge difference with both approaches. While people have a hard time getting involved with the usual way, the approach Foleum offers using green energy sources can bring them closer to the technology.
To enhance the grid and community concept I decided to go with an isometric style. People were designed with simplicity in mind, to focus on their interactions rather than on their details.

On the other hand, computers and other systems were more detailed to reinforce the idea of complexity and technology behind blockchain mining.

The color palette I choose was helpful to differentiate the old way with different shades of grey, and the new way with the vibrant branding green colors.
Animating in an isometric perspective was a fun challenge, but with a lot of techniques I was able to animate them in a 2.5D environment.

And being resourceful with the assets I had was a big help while dealing with dozens of computers animated at once.
That's it!
For a month I got to work on an exciting project and I'm grateful I was asked to help communicate their message. Thanks for watching.

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