Senior Sign is a company that helps senior-living communities, providing tools for digitizing all of their new resident paperwork. They have streamlined the completion process, saving time to bring new residents and generating more revenue in the process! It was my job to explain what the real value of using Senior Sign was.

They provided me with the script, and I had two and a half weeks from start to finish.
The script featured Sara, a marketing manager that is amazing at her job, and how Senior Sign could help her to be even better at it by leaving the tedious paperwork to the tools they provide.

The starting point was to have a character that the audience could relate to, but focusing on the new residents she could bring instead of dealing with the completion process relying on the real data provided by Senior Sign. All of this should be visualized with clear compositions showing large amounts of both paperwork that she wouldn't deal with anymore, and a lot of new residents she would be bringing because of it.
I went for a textured style making the assets with many layers, clear shadows and highlights, and having high contrast between each layer. The style choice was to reinforce the idea of paperwork.

Simple icons were used in to play with repetition in the different frame compositions through the video.
There were a lot of different animation techniques used to create the stop motion look like a reduced frame rate, hold frames, etc. Changes in the lighting and the texturing were used too to improve the paper style.

To create some contrast between the data animation and the character, Sara's movements were pushed even further to have a less smooth animation but strong poses, reinforcing the analog look even more.
That's it!
Thanks for watching, and thanks to Senior Sign for trusting in my work once more!
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