Declutter - Stop working in the chaos!

A promotional video is needed in order to share the tools at, and Declutter needed a video that talked about the features of the extension. This is the final result.

Design: Rodrigo Domínguez, Daniela Varón
Animation: Rodrigo Domínguez
Character animation: Daniela Varón
We decided to go with an illustrative video, showing a character working on the chaos generated by a lot of unorganized assets. After he learns about declutter, the tool organizes his mess.
We went with a flat design to keep it simple, a few textures, and a colorful palette to emphasize the character and the frustrations of a messy project.
The character was completely rigged and animated inside AE using DuIK. The rig uses a lot of controls for the expressions, hair, hands and even the fingers, to make it easier to animate him working.
Download Declutter
If you want to try Declutter you can check it here!

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