aiOla - The intelligence loop

aiOla’s mission is to bridge the gap between human Intelligence and artificial Intelligence while connecting the “AI promise” for the masses. We made a video to share how they provide businesses with a data-driven AI-powered advantage

Produced by:
Client: aiOla
Direction: Yuval Leizerman
Creative & Storyboard: Gustavo Castellanos
3D Lighting, Render & Compo: Mauricio Navas
3D Design & Animation: Rodrigo Dominguez
Sound Design: Tal Steinberg
My role was to start with the styleframes the team did, and use these shapes to create a whole world of data around aiOla. I created all of the 3D scenes that were shaded properly afterwards by another artist.
After creating the different scenes it was time to bring them to life. This project was the perfect excuse to learn new tools in Blender that would help me animate complex interactions. Working with Geometry Nodes proved to be an interesting challenge with awesome results.

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