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Until now, hackers have had it easy. They’ve managed to steal billions of dollars from crypto investors by targeting vulnerable exchanges and wallets. But Cloudbric wants to change this cybersecurity landscape by bringing knowledge, trust, and experience in combating cyber threats.

Client: Cloudbric
Animation and Design: Rodrigo Domínguez
Made for
Cloudbric is a blockchain project that wants to share cyber threat intelligence to help safeguard crypto assets from investors. Using solutions with the help of a new AI detection engine they want to make this information accessible to everyone, leading to better technology.

Branding assets and a script were provided.
Different cubes were created to contain the crypto assets and a textured shape for the threat to create some tension between them, both serving as the main shapes of the video.

Since the central idea of the video is to protect these assets several scenes were created to help communicate different security situations. First an area defended by guardians that protect the perimeter from the threats while collecting data, a second scene showing the AI identifying and preventing an attack, and a third scene at the end with a dome protecting users and businesses from hackers.
Based on the identity of Cloudbric I went with an isometric grid and a geometric abstract style for the cubes that are holding the crypto assets. The cube shape is used several times in the video as a container in most cases or as a vault filled with information. More organic and circular shapes were used in different scenes to help differentiate other important elements like the threats or the AI.

For the colors I used a predominantly blue palette, but since this is a rather limited color palette I choose to use orange and red for the threats to help with the contrast.
It was a challenge to mix 2D and 3D techniques for a couple of scenes, but with some tricks it was possible to create a nice workflow to animate all the elements.
That's it!
It was a pleasure to work again with to bring this project to live. Thanks for reading a bit of the process, I hope you enjoyed it.

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