Tatchi Studio - Presentation Video

Rep is an AI-powered sales assistant that guides customers through e-commerce sales funnels using contextual conversations to increase engagement and conversion rates. The platform provides personalized product recommendations, addresses purchasing objections, and delivers 24/7 support to reduce customer support tickets and increase sales.

Produced by: Tatchi Studio
Design and Animation: Rodrigo Dominguez
Script: Paul Edouard Gwed-Bi-Minyem, Mateo Beraud-Dufour
Audio: Mugen
Voice over: Sophie Brulé
The idea was to show the interaction between two spheres in an elegant style, while keeping it playful. The spheres would travel together interacting with each other and with other spheres, so they can impact bigger elements together in their journey.
It is a bit abstract, so to maintain a color palette that worked with their brand I designed the video with a geometric style, giving the spheres that represent the team an inverted tone so that it contrasts with the monochromatic background.
In the animation the idea was to keep each ball as playful as possible without being too exaggerated to maintain the elegant aspect of the design.

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