Rep - Your AI-powered sales associate

Rep's mission is to help e-commerce stores sell like brick and mortar stores by providing an AI-powered sales associate that rescues revenue, increases conversion rates, and enhances the shopping experience.

Produced by:
Script: Defne Gencler
Storyboard, 3D design and animation: Rodrigo Dominguez
Additional 3D models and character animation: Daniela Varón
Voiceover: David Kaplan
Sound design:

Rep is an AI-powered sales assistant that guides customers through e-commerce sales funnels using contextual conversations to increase engagement and conversion rates. The platform provides personalized product recommendations, addresses purchasing objections, and delivers 24/7 support to reduce customer support tickets and increase sales.

Branding assets and a script were provided.

The main idea was to highlight how ecommerce websites aren't as effective as brick and mortar stores. And how the customer experience that Rep brings helps make the shopping experience a lot better, increasing conversion rates graphs, and make it easier to compete in the market.

For this we decided to go with 3D website simplified mock-ups, showing products, 3d graphs, and the AI interaction with online customers using cursors.

Building rigs to help with animation is always a great way to work efficiently. This project had several animations that were done procedurally to be able to work faster and with great results that are easily replicated in different scenes and objects.

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