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The global personal data economy is growing faster than anyone could have imagined. But the current business model for data is broken for individual users and businesses alike.  Symphony wants to empower a data-driven economy by changing the way users share their data and how businesses use it, while benefiting both ends.

Client: Symphony
Animation and Design: Rodrigo Domínguez
Made for
Symphony uses a blockchain-based protocol to create a loop that empowers users to choose the data they want to share, while allowing developers to create models and algorithms to analyze it, so businesses can interpret the results and improve customer targeting.

Branding assets and a script were provided.
Huge amounts of data blocks and representations of algorithms helped show how the data is being processed and the workflow Symphony follows to empower users, developers and businesses alike. 
A general dark color palette was used with a lot of glowing vibrant elements, to give a sense of high-tech.

The data blocks were represented as basic geometric shapes that were part of bigger abstract systems that were always working, always in motion. These systems are in charge of processing and interpreting the information.
It was a challenge to animate huge amounts of elements, but using clever techniques and particles simulations it was possible to achieve a great looking result.

Snappy and fast motion for the elements while keeping a smooth camera movement worked great for the technological vibe I was going for.

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