BRD - Why BRD?

Are you storing your bitcoin securely? Most people simply leave their bitcoin stored on a website, like an exchange. Although these exchanges try their best to be secure, it only takes one successful hack to lose it all. Luckily, there is a smarter solution for protecting your Bitcoin. The BRD app uses the latest encryption and mobile security technology to store your bitcoin right on your own phone.

Produced by
Creative Director: Tomer Gerbi
Writer: Rey Nettles and James MacWhyte
Storyboard, Design, and Animation: Rodrigo Domínguez
Sound Design: Tom O'Sullivan
Production coordinator: Jody Hatton
BRD is a blockchain project that uses encryption and mobile security to store your bitcoin on your own phone, making bitcoin easy and secure since it can't be touched by anyone but you.

Branding assets and a script were provided along with a general art direction from previous videos.
Show the viewer what should or shouldn't be done was the main challenge of the video, so I choose to create a hand that manipulated the bitcoin through it and what happens with the bitcoin when someone else controls it.
Based on their previous videos I went with an illustrative approach using textures and vibrant colors according to their identity.

While the project itself is very high tech, designing hands, smartphones, eyes and a website helped to communicate in a more direct way with the viewer.
Animating hands is always a challenge, but spending some time creating a rig made it a lot easier. This allowed me to work faster and spend more time animating the other elements like the exchange web, the eyes, and the bitcoin in the different scenes.

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