Komodor - Kubernetes Operations Simplified

Komodor wants to democratize and simplify Kubernetes troubleshooting by providing a software platform that enables organizations to easily detect, investigate, and remediate issues in their Kubernetes installations, empowering engineers across the organization to effectively manage and resolve problems.

Produced by: Laserbee.video
General Direction: Dor Peer
Creative Direction: Gustavo Castellanos
Storyboard & Art Direction: Gustavo Castellanos
3D Design and Animation: Rodrigo Domínguez
Lighting and Render: Rodrigo Domínguez
Script: Sophia Tupolov
Sound: Tal Steinberg
Style exploration​​​​​​​
My role was to create styleframes based on the storyboard from the team. The idea was to show organized chaos, and a platform coming together, from abstract cubes to a provided design. I explored different styles, and provided different shading options.
Once the studio and the client decided to go with a look it was time to create the whole Komodor universe, with broken structures and chaotic scenes.

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