Reco - Collaborate Securely

Collaboration is unstructured and decentralized, it requires a new approach for security. Reco learns how businesses works and is able to understand when collaboration poses a risk and when it's safe.

Produced by:
Client: Reco
Direction: Tomer Gerbi
Script: Asi Gal & Tomer Gerbi
Creative & Storyboard: Rodrigo Domínguez & Tomer Gerbi
Design & Animation: Rodrigo Dominguez
Sound Design: Tal Steinberg
The focus of the video is to highlight the collaboration issues between people. For this we decided to show how data being shared moves in a chaotic way.
Reco helps streamline this process and reduce the clutter, making it easier to handle in terms of security. Diagrams where remade based on their UI so we can see the difference between how it was vs how it should be.
Style Exploration
We started with a general approach showing data floating around, although we eventually wanted to show users in a more direct way interacting. And to enhance the contrast between the data before and after Reco, we went with a darker environment showing the chaos of data sharing first, while we tested different icons for the users and data particles.
Here's Tomer Gerbi, the director, talking a bit about the process to find the proper style for this project.
After agreeing on a style I went to design the whole video, creating the 3D environments, how the users would interact, and how the diagram would look like in a 3D space. Using a light color palette to show the solution provided by Reco, leaving the chaotic and dark scene behind.
After finishing the design it's animation time! I created particle systems with paths to make the interactions between users and data come alive throughout the video. Blender with Geometry Nodes is always a time saver when it comes to handling large amounts of objects.

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